Inspired by the beauty of nature

La Sena Crystals is designed to improve life quality

Our mission

Unveiling sophisticated healing jewelry that effortlessly merge luxury and functionality, making easy to carry your favorite gemstone wherever you go.


Specially selected items, with soul of every continent.


Homely crafted, with natural ingredients and tune of Dubai's wind.

From a small gift to a lifetime passion.

Ivory's first encounter with crystals was in 2012 when she received a special gift from her best friends. Upon seeing her first crystal, she fell in love with it instantly.

Trip to Dubai

After her trip to Dubai in 2014, she gained a deeper understanding of crystals and their healing properties. Since then, she has delved further into the world of crystals

Bali, the place where the idea was born.

She shared her passion for crystals and aimed to help others heal themselves using it

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